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GF-Slider System 2m 150mm ball NEW

The GF-Slider system is available in a length of 2 meters.

Thanks to its very flat profile, versatility and superior reliability, the GF-Slider is very popular among operators.

Main functions:
- quiet and stable high-precision guides
- low profile (can work on the ground)
- rails drilled with holes 3/8, which makes it easy to connect accessories
- Tracking carriage for fastening Bowl or Euro-adapter
- Euro-adapter
- adjustable side plates for moving on rails
- additional height adjustments to increase the height of the camera attachment (trestles, lighting support, leveling feet)
- Bangi mode

Case Transport for 200cm 6'6'' Slider
AL-2540 Precision Rails 6'6''  2pcs.
AL-2522 Standard end mount with 360° tooth system 2pcs.
AL-2402 Adapter for GF-Combi Rig tube / Euro-adapter 1pcs.
AL-2114 150 mm bowl for GF-Slider tracking carriage 1pcs.
AL-2165 Euro-adapter Mount for tracking carriage 1pcs.
AL-2580 Euro-adapter mount 1pcs.
AL-2407 Lighting stand adapter (28mm) 2pcs.
AL-2408 Scaffold tube adapter 2pcs.
AL-2409 Leveling legs 2pcs.
AL-2596 Height adjusters (high - 7cm) 2pcs.
AL-2598 Height adjusters (low - 4cm) 2pcs.



Panther Slider system 1,4\2m 50kg load 150mm ball

U-Bangi II - horizontal adjustment for operator removal trucks Magnum, Panther. U-Bangi allows the camera to move over objects, changing the degree of removal of the camera. System for the camera length of 1.4 m and 2 m, which can be installed on two tripods or used for panorama pictures with rigid adherence to a single horizontal line or point. The camera pans in a horizontal plane between two racks (racks). Designed for use with virtually all cameras. Suitable for uneven terrain (forest, water, etc.)



GF Bangi Slider system 1,4\2m 50kg load 150mm ball

GF-Bangi is an auxiliary device to stabilize the movement and positioning of the panoramic camera. Fits on carts, cars, etc.
When working on a cart, the device allows stably without offsets, take pictures, so often used for table top scenes. Just, GF-Bangi easier to work with the camera in hard to reach places such as windows, doors, car, etc. The standard length of pipe when working on the wagon can be 1.4 and 2m.



HSK-5 slider (X-SLIDER)


New line of HSK camera sliders is available from us, smooth and silent movement with up to 20kg payload. 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm lengths range and motorized version are available.

Ikan Slider Ball Bearing System


Ikan Slider - a unique slider for professional film and television production, built on the innovation system linking rollers on the carriage. 1m Length slider. Weight load of 20 kg. 


Hexa Slider light 1,25m 20kg load 100mm ball 

HexaSlide - unique slider for professional film and television production, built on the basis of an innovative patented arrangement of rollers on the carriage, the proposed V.A. Kuzmin. Designed for VDSLR with underweight, professional film and video cameras, 3D rigs and provides an easy and extremely stable and precise movement of the carriage along the track, regardless of the weight of the camera system installed.

Features HexaSlide: unique steel carriage with 6 steel bearing roller design provides a complete absence of backlash and vibrations of the carriage in all ploskostyah.tolstostennaya aluminum square pipe installed "on the edge" than the reason for the high rigidity and resistance to buckling. Mass 3D camera rigs or - up to 20 kg.
carriage stop - quickly and reliably secure the carriage in any position on the slider.
Integrated screw 3/8 "to set the tripod head. Locking screw prevents cranking tripod head with a flat base on the carriage.
Spirit Level - bubble level to control the horizontal plane of movement.
Three steel platform with 1/4 "- to set as two tripod - any compatible lighting stand, tripod for cameras, tripods combination camera, lighting stands and monopods - and one tripod with the tripod head - including shooting driveways in an inclined plane.
An opportunity to install the drive - mechanical and electric belt JustMove JustDrive including a controller for the shooting time of the collapse rate. Length 125 cm


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