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Panther Foxy Crane

Panther Foxy Crane special crane for lifting of cameraman with the camera to produce a high point shooting and giving the camera movement in the vertical and horizontal planes for increasing expression picture film or television.

New versions of the number 7 and number 8 of the compact crane Foxy Advanced, used in remote control camera, characterized by the working boom length 13 m (from the point of attachment of the boom to the support to the chamber site). If it is supposed to raise with the camera and operator, the boom length can be up to 7 m. For this purpose, a version number 4.

At the heart of Foxy Advanced is a well-known principle that has proved its worth during the operation of the crane standard Foxy - lightweight construction and compact in the transport state. Compared with a standard load Foxy new model significantly increased.




Magnum Duo Jib



Additional features for truck Magnum. Duo Jib Boom quick and easy to install. The platform can easily be placed by two operators, and the camera is mounted.

The robust connection arrow to the column trolleys, provided stable construction without backlash. At low speeds the column reached the maximum smoothness of movement of the camera, eliminating the jerks and twitching.


Capacity in position High Rig: 200 kg
Capacity in position Low Rig: 220 kg
Capacity in the normal position: 250 kg
Raising the platform to a height of 26 cm to 272 cm


Magnum Mini Jib

n indispensable tool when working with the truck "Magnum" and "Basic". It provides vertical and circular motion. Mounted to the Euro adapter









Magnum U-bangi

Horizontal adjustment takeaway. It allows the camera to move over objects by changing the degree of removal of the camera.









Super Jib II Crane

Maximum load

Minimum height

Maximum height

Version1 – 262kg
Version2 – 139kg
Version3 – 139kg
Version4 – 127kg
Version5 – 60kg
Version6 – 32kg

Version1 – 46ρμ
Version2 – 12ρμ
Version3 – -10ρμ
Version4 – 10ρμ
Version5 – -57ρμ
Version6 – -115ρμ

Version1 – 226ρμ
Version2 – 264ρμ
Version3 – 289ρμ
Version4 – 309ρμ
Version5 – 385ρμ
Version6 – 450ρμ





Panther Vario Jib

Vario Jib and Mini Jib - small crane operator to hand carts and Panther Magnum respectively. Vario Jib produced by the Panthers, and Mini jib - MovieTech. The boom quickly and easily installed on the dolly or tripod Low Boy. Maximum payload of 80kg (weight of the camera), the operator of the crane is not sitting. Lifting height of the optical axis of the chamber with an arrow and VarioJib MiniJib from 9cm to lowest point (low rig) to 70 cm without the lower point. Boom length Vario Jeep 1 - 1,6m to 2,6m with extension, while Mini SUV - max 235sm.









Panther U-bangi II





GF Jib

Crane arrow GF-Jib Arm was designed for stable operation with heavy cameras, providing a very smooth, free of any hesitation camera movement for operators who do not want to compromise the quality of the final result. The front of the arrows easily udliniyaetsya and fixes on the length of the required operator, it provides more flexibility while working the boom in cramped spaces. Camera head can be mounted in different positions, adjusting for the operator to remove the need for certain staff. Rigidity pan and tilt is adjusted depending on the preference of the operator and the set task. System balancing boom has a telescopic design, the length of the back of the can easily be changed, which provides an excellent balance at any angle of inclination.
Minimum boom length 139 cm
Maximum boom length 188 cm
The back of the boom, m 42 cm
The back of the boom, max 94 cm
Max. height at min. boom length 186 cm
Max. height at max. boom length of 256 cm
Max. load in minutes. the length of the boom 60 kg
Max. Load at max. the length of the boom 40 kg

The weight of the boom - 42 kg
Swing angle range ± 43 °.
Mounts boom - standard adapter Euro (also available adapter types Mitchell)



GF-Bangi is an auxiliary device for stabilizing the movement and positioning of the panoramic camera. Mounted on carts, cars, platforms, etc.
When working on a cart, the device allows stable without displacement, take pictures, so often used for table top scenes. Also, GF-Bangi easier to work with the camera in such remote places as windows, car doors, etc. The standard length of pipe at work on a cart - 1 m.







GF Combi Rig











Libec Mini Jib

Portable, mobile camera crane Libec JIB ARM JB-30 is designed to work with video and movie cameras weighing up to 20kg. Tap weight is 10 kg. It can be mounted on tripods with a head of 100 mm and 75 mm. Libec JIB ARM JB-30 quick and easy to prepare for work, has a hydraulic compensation. Panorama dynamics from ground level up to 1.8 m. Reach 130-200 cm, height of the camera 20 to 320 cm.









Pedestal c truck DL-8.

Specifications: Weight - 30 kg Weight - 15.2 kg of poppy. Height - 1575 mm Min. height - 815 mm diameter sphere - 100 mm Number of sections - 3







U-Bangi II device, ensuring smooth and easy move the camera in a horizontal plane. Use the U-Bangi is possible on carts, racks, stands or on any flat surface .U-Bangi offers the following features:
Newly developed "endpieces" with 80 mm connector, which is Euromount and Hi-Lo tubular system.
Compatible with all accessories Panther.

U-Bangi is available in the following sizes:
90 cm / 2'11''dlya trolley + tripods
140 cm / 4'7''dlya trolley + tripods
200 cm / 6'7''dlya tripods
300 cm / 9'10''dlya tripods

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