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IB/E Optics PLx2 2x Exteder

Modern cameras require the highest quality optics with designs optimized for electronic sensors. The PL extenders increases the focal length of 35mm PL Mount lenses.

The extenders feature high-index, low-dispersion glass and flare optimized systems to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with the minimal optical degradation.

PLx extenders have the following features:

Extends the focal length
Telecentric lens design for digital cameras
High performance at any T-Stop
Flare optimized high end systems
Fits the most PL lenses on the market
PL-PL Extender
PL UMS Mount for more flexibility


Optical Design (lenses/groups) 7/5
Focal length extension 2x
Max. Image diameter (mm) 34.5
Max. input T-Stop 1.9
Light drop (steps) 2.0
Lens Mount PL Standard
Camera Mount PL UMS Mount*
Length (mm) PL to PL 48.2
Diameter (mm) 78.0
Weight (kg) 0.55

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