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Aladdin Bi-Flex  1

This is the first BI-Color flexible LED panel for professional use in the field of television, film and photography with outstanding lighting quality, CRI and TLCI more than 98. Aladdin Bi-Flex is the choice of a cinematographer for a small, light and powerful lighting tool for many applications, such as : portable lighting for interviews or for shelter in narrow places, such as elevators, cars, or even inside objects for photographing products.
BI-FLEX1 is powered by a main power source or battery. Aladdin Bi-Flex comes complete with a dimmer and a 16mm finger mount to fasten it to tripods or clamps, and has a velcro at each corner that allows you to fasten it anywhere.

BI-FLEX1 is a flexible panel measuring 30x30 cm and less than 5 mm thick.

BI-Color: 2900 ° K-6200 ° K
High power, high quality LEDs - CRI> 98
Lightweight aluminum dimmer
Can be powered by a V-Mount battery
Lock plugs on cable connectors
Light source Heavy duty 50W CRI LEDs
CRI98 / TLCI 97
Color temperature 2900 ° K - 6000 ° K
Beam Angle 140 °
Passive cooling
Weight 390g
AC / DC input 12-15 V / 90-240 V

Aladdin Bi-Flex 2

The new set of Bi-Flex 100 is built on the basis of the original set of Bi-Flex 1 × 1 ′, but its power is 1 × 2 ′, which is two times higher than the power, has a built-in battery panel and DMX control functions. Like any other Aladdin product, the Bi-Flex 100 is exceptionally well built, splash proof and equipped with a two-color LED with excellent light output and quality. Color output is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and each intermediate point, and also completely darkened from 100% to 10%. Most importantly, the best quality of light:
• CRI: 98ra (daylight) / 97ra (tungsten)

A 24 x 12 inch Bi-Flex panel weighs only 1 pound! This kit includes a professional-grade dimmer with built-in V-Lock battery plate and DMX controls. It also includes a 1-stage diffuser, an X-Bend holder for mounting on racks or rods, a mount on the ball head and an extension cable 16 '.

Working with two-color light with a high color rendering ratio essentially means that there is no need for color correction or heating gels (CTO). If you are shooting a portrait with the installed daylight and want to add a little warmth to improve skin tone, this is just a turn of the dial.

If you work in cramped spaces and you do not have room for a stand, this is not a problem, since you have several other installation options. Each Bi-Flex panel has velcro corners and fastening rings, which means you can mount it on any surface using velcro, screws, nails, or even suction cups. And, of course, if this is easier, you can simply glue the panel to the walls, ceilings or pillars.

Working with Bi-Flex is not like working with any other light source. Due to its high portability, excellent variable lighting, it can be installed almost anywhere, as well as its ease of use and durability, it will free you from the usual restrictions and allow you to improve the quality of your work.

Please note that the Bi-Flex panel and cable are splash proof, but the dimmer and transformer are not. These luminaires are not intended for use under water.

Light source: ultra-high power CRI LED 100W
CRI: more than 97
Color temperature: 2900K - 6400K
Beam Angle: 140 °
Dimmer: blackout: (5% - 100%)
Cooling: passive cooling
Size: 300 x 556 x 5 mm
Set weight: 1800 g
Dimmer input: 12 V to 30 V
Power supply: automatic voltage 90V - 260V

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