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Panther Buddy

Panther Baddy Dolly - dolly having a basic design carts Panther, without motorized column. Trolley Baddy Dolly can be used as a base for the crane Foxy, it is compact and lightweight. Baddy Dolly can perform motion on the floor, ice and rails, even with extra accessories. Payload carts Buddy 900kg (2 people + camera). This is a similar truck Super Panther but without lifting mechanism, equipped with air instead "bazooka" and a set of common "bazookas." From carts Panther Husky different wheels and sliding the possibility of the presence of crab like truck full Panther.

Is the weight of 59 kg
- Maximum height 40 cm
- Length: 84cm
- Width: min. 53,5sm / max. 82,5sm
- Ground clearance: 6cm
- The cycle of rotation: 197cm
- Load capacity 300 kg
- Noise level 28 dB - 32 dB
- Track width 75cm / 62cm
-10 Meters straight & ¼ curved rail
-Lower point Low Rick

-Mini jib
-Low Mode Arm

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