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Armor-Man 2

The Tilta Armor-Man 2 is the ultimate support system for 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers such as the Tilta Gravity, DJI Ronin, Freefly MoVI, and any other gimbal with a dual hand grip design. An upgrade to the original Armor-Man, the Armor-Man 2 has been improved with smart new features to meet the needs of today's camera operating professionals.
The Armor-Man 2 is designed to work with leading 3-axis gimbal stabilizers such as the Tilta Gravity, DJI Ronin, and the Freefly MoVI. The Armor-Man 2 is capable of supporting a wide range of gimbal camera set ups.
With an innovated quick-release system each support armis quickly snapped into the support vest. Each arm features two spring loaded support sections. The tension of each spring section can be adjusted through knobs located along each joint.
When not in use, each arm can be swiveled down into resting postion. Simply by pulling on the release cord, and locking each arm into place along the hips of the operator.
Adjustable swivel hand grip supports are located at the end of each arm. Each gimbal hand grip rests inside the support allowing the operator to keep their arms free for any hands on camera adjustments. They also provide support without limiting the operator's range of movement.
The vest comes standard with a V-Mount battery plate, with a 4-Pin female Lemo power connection socket. Through here the operator can run power directly to the gimbal through the right support arm with features several cable clamps. The Armor-Man 2 is also available in Gold mount through special order.
The Armor-Man 2 comes protected inside a custom cut weatherproof travel hard case with a retractable handle, a pair of wheels, and 4 quick-release latches.


Fully Assembled Weight 18.9 lbs / 8.5kg
Support Vest Weight   7 lbs / 3.1 kg
Spring Arm Weight         4.5 lbs / 2 kg (Quantity 2pcs)
Wrist Support Weight   0.5 lbs / 0.2 kg
Travel Case Dimensions 675 x 508 x 304 mm
Weight w/ Armor-Man 2   43 lbs / 19.5 kg

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