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Special Heads
Smaller, lighter in weight and equally efficient is the formula buduschego.ARRIHEAD 2, is a successful product. With an equal range of hardware and operating convenience, 8 inches shorter and about 4 pounds lighter than the big ARRIHEAD. With this design, ARRIHEAD 2 is the ideal tripod head products not only for the 35 mm cameras, but for 16 mm semok.Golovka ARRIHEAD2 is one of the most light and small in size among the heads of ARRI precision worm gears. Its own weight of 17.5 kg, and the load capacity of up to 50 kg. In principle, it is possible to install any cameras, but now the head of this type are mainly used for high-speed cameras spetssemok or when using telephoto optics. It is through this and similar heads were made in a number of unique shooting feature films known and most impressive commercials.





Ronford Fluid 7 MK IV + RISER 360 camera 2 cm from ground

Ronford 7 - the only tripod head that allows you to work in three dimensions with a film or video cameras weighing up to 25kg. - Consists of three moving parts. - Work in any of the planes up to 360 ° - is perfect for super low points semki.Ves is 8 kg.Rabochie Temperature: -40 ? C to +60 ? C.







We are pleased to present you the new Tango Head II.
Tango Head II offers the following improvements over the original Tango / Swing your head:

New quick release locking mechanism to prevent the side to the other robots.
The new brake lever available on both sides of the head.
The new flexible shaft coupler: either ARRI ("whip"), you can turn your head from either the front or back of the head.
New removable handle: the moving base plates can be placed handles on the front or back of the handle shaft golovy.Novaya ARRI.
The new adapter takes Sachtler & Go Plate is ideal for small cameras.


Length: 22.2 cm / 8.76 inches (without handle)
Length: 31.9 cm / 12.56 inches (with handle)
Width: 15 cm / 5.9 inches
Height: 5.7 cm / 2.24 inches
Weight: 3.27 kg / 7.2 kg (with handle)
The rotation center height: 145 mm / 5.7 inches
The rotation angle: 90 degrees scale: 45 deg. to -45 deg. one degree
Camera setup: Touch & Go camera plate 35 mm with two screws 3 / 8 "(16 mm / video with optional adapter)
Camera settings: Security lock with one hand.
Maximum load: approx. 50 kg / 110 lbs

GF-Tilt Plate NEW

Operates with a self locking spindle drive giving stepless adjustment ranging from 0 to 106°.
Max payload: 30 kg / 66 lbs
Dimensions: 28 x 12,5 x 4 cm 11 x 5 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 2.4 kg / 5.2 lbs​






Cartoni Dutch Head C40S/C20S

This special accessory has been conceived to add a 3rd axis to a standard Fluid Head and allow the lateral movement called "Dutch angle", enhancing special effects.

CARTONI C40S Dutch Head is designed to make exceptionally smooth side-tilt effects simple and straightforward to execute.

The Dutch Heads integrates the award winning CARTONI fluid module in progression from "0" to 7 intensity. The counterbalance system features the 7 step spring mechanism.

The CARTONI Dutch Head interface directly with the quick release plate on any camera support head featuring the European style quick release plate or can be attached by 2 3/8" screws.

A special telescopic orientable pan bar completes the equipment.

Minimum Payload Capacity 0 kg
Maximum Payload Capacity 45 kg 99 lbs
Weight 8,0 kg 17,6 lbs
Bowl Diameter Plate
Type Dutch
Fluid Drag 7 steps + 0
Counterbalance 7 steps + 0
Pan Range 360°
Tilt Range +/-65°
Temperature Range -40°/+60°

Sachler Dutch Head


In this head Dutch Head 35 also uses a proprietary patented damping and dynamic balancing. For the lateral (side) to adjust the weight of the operator services balansplata side with dovetail and 60mm offset. Therefore, the center of gravity of the camera can be mounted just above the axis of rotation. Head allows you to "drop" the image. The scale of the side shows you the degree of slope.

Weight of tripod head, kg - 6
Maximum load, kg - 50
Tripod floor Touch & Go Plate - 35
Range of vertical panning, deg. - 60 ..- 60
Independent fixation of vertical panning - 7 +0 (diagonal)
Counterbalance - 7 steps
Pan Handle - 1 telescopic handle plus the right
The range of sliding platform, mm - 60
Temperature, deg. -40 .. 60






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