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TILTA 4×5.65 Carbon Fiber Matte Box (Clamp-on)tilta clamp on

Matte Box 4 × 5,65 из карбона предназначен для крепления к самому объективу, а не к системе направляющих камеры, чтобы быть максимально легким и ненавязчивым. Тем не менее, он поставляется с дополнительным 15-мм креплением, если вы захотите прикрепить его к направляющим.
Он также поставляется с несколькими адаптерами разных диаметров для крепления к большинству объективов. Эти переходные кольца позволяют метт боксу не только напрямую крепиться к самому объективу, но также избавляют от необходимости использования накладок для объективов. В комплект поставки входит одина верхняя шторка для обеспечения защиты от бликов.
1. Carbon fiber body
2. 4×5.65 filter frames – 3 шт.
3. Top French flag
4. 15mm LWS rod adapter
5. Ф134mm, 114mm, 110mm, 95mm, 80mm clamp attachments
6. Hard mattes (16-20mm, 24-28mm, 35-40mm, 50-65mm, 85-180mm) – 5 шт.

Weight: 2.6 lbs
Color: Black
Material: Carbon fiber, aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
Rod System: 15mm LWS

Аренда мэтт бокса доступна на PATRIOT Rental.



The standard equipment of the 4" x 4" production matte box MB-16 includes a 2x filter stage for two rotatable 4" x 4" push-through filters. One of the filter frames is toothed for operation by turning knob or flexible shaft. At the rear of the filter stage there is a receptacle for 4 1/2" filter rings and for an anti-reflection ring. The 2x filter stage can be interchanged against other filter stages. For easy lens changing the matte box swings open 90°.







The Arri LMB-5 (Lightweight Matte Box) clips onto various sized lenses via special master and step-down rings. It's the most requested matte box by Steadicam Operators, weighing in at 10.4 ounces, and that's with the two 4x5.650 filter trays.









4“ x 5,65“ Production Matte Box MB-19

The MB-19 is a compact, lightweight production matte box which is ideally suited for use with the ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 in Super 16 format. When mounted on the new lightweight support LWS-3, graduated filters can be pushed through unhindered. Side flags with adjustable segments, used in conjunction with the top light shield provide optimum protection against unwanted light. Also available are sets of clip-on mattes for use with both 16 mm and 35 mm formats. By use of additional adapters the matte box can also be mounted on the 15 or 19 mm support rods of conventional bridge plates, for use with 35 mm camera as well as with the 16SR.
The MB-19 is supplied with a filter stage for two 4" x 5.65" filters. The front filter can be pushed through vertically, the rear filter can be displaced horizontally and additionally rotated. The filter stage is fitted with a rear receptacle for 138 mm diameter filter rings as well as for an additional filter stage for one 4" x 5.65" filter and one 138 mm round filter.




5,65 х 5,65 Production Matte Box MB-20

The MB-20 System is a compact 5.65” x 5.65” matte box for use with lightweight support, as a clamp-on version or with adapters for 19 mm or 15 mm studio rods.

The MB-20 compact matte box easily adapts for use with lightweight support, bridge plate support rods, or clamped onto and supported by the camera lens. With a swing-away front, the system works with wide-angle lenses and provides two or three independently rotating filter stages for filter sizes up to 5.65” x 5.65”. The MB-20 System includes a unique adjustment system to ensure a precise fit. Optional top, bottom and side flags and masks are available for optimal light control.






6,6“ x 6,6“ Compact Matte Box MB-28

6.6 x 6.6 wide angle compact swing away mattebox
Two fixed trays independently rotatable 360° from the rear stage
4 x 5.65 reduction tray inserts for smaller filter sizes
Rear bellows hold 6" round filters and use standard MB-20 reduction rings
Available for 15mm and 19mm bridgeplates as well as PV standards







4″ х 5.65″ ARRI MB-29 Swing away Matte Box

The MB-29 has been specially developed for use with smaller lightweight-support HD camera builds. Two filter stage options allow for versatility regarding filtering and a clamp-on module allows for one matte box to be used in all shooting situations. The flag carriers are attached to a metal frame for increased stability.
- Uses MB-20 rod consoles for optimal utilization.
- Uses standard 138mm filter rings.
- Optional 5.65 x 5.65 filter trays.
- Filter stages available with one or two filter rotation.






6.6"x6.6" MB-14 Studio Matte Box

The MB-14 production matte box is equipped with a 4x filter stage for four 6.6" x 6.6" push-through filters (rotatable in pairs). Two of the filter frames are toothed for operation by knob or flexible shaft. The 4x filter stage has a rear receptacle for 6", 138 mm or 40" filter rings, for anti-reflection rings and additional 4" x 4" filter stage. The 4x filter stage can be interchanged with other filter stages. For easy lens changing the matte box swings open 90° to the front. The lateral adjustment on the side of the matte box is equipped with a quick-set clamp. A holder for secure mounting of french flags is included.








Bright Tangerine Strummer 4" x 5.65"

Build your own matte box set. The Strummer DNA Matte Box starts out with a carbon fiber shade and core with swing away bracket, top flag mounts and side 3/8" brackets. 

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